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Our mission

Our mission is to create unique accessories made from the famous Tahitian black pearl, symbol of the Polynesian sea-bed jewel. Because oceans are our source of inspiration, we design and produce minimalist bracelets for nature lovers all around the world, eager to share our values of freedom, simplicity and respect for protecting the environment.


We are driven by pure craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and ocean protection. Each pearl is unique and makes for a unique bracelet. At each step along the way, we make a point of delivering quality – from picking among the pearls of Tuamotu to engraving mother-of-pearls in Papeete, French Polynesia, where all our bracelets are produced by hand.

To make the delivery easy on our customers, we replaced the traditional jewelry box with discreet packaging. You will receive your From the sea bracelet directly in your mailbox, in an eco-friendly packaging embellished with a touch of Polynesian exoticism.

Enjoy browsing our website!


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